Aquamarine Elephant Beaded Bracelet

Aquamarine Elephant Beaded Bracelet

Aquarmarine is a beautiful light catching stone that tends to be lighter shades of blue in color. It is also the birthstone for March!

This beaded aquamarine stretch bracelet is topped off with a cute silver plated elephant charm. A great gift idea for those with March birthdays – or lovers of aquamarine and elephants!

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Product Description

Aquamarine is part of the emerald family; it belongs to the beryl group of minerals. It is a semi-precious stone, tending to be lighter shades of blue in color – but the more vibrant the blue, the higher the price a stone fetches.

This stretch bracelet is made from aquamarine beads with a few detailed silver beads and an elephant charm. It’s a cute one that we hope you’ll love!